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Track Vehicle with Live Mapping


Find location of your vehicle with one click using smart phones.

Live Mapping Track Vehicle
T10 Vehicle Fleet Management System



Vehicle Fleet Management System


This is very suitable especially for fleet managers where they need to track a large number of vehicles such as lorries, towing trucks, vans etc. for legal work activities and prevent their drivers from abusing their work hours for non authorized activities using the vehicles.




2 Way Remote Control with Touch Screen LCD


2 Way remote control enables the two way communication between the remote control with the vehicle.

The remote control comes with a touch screen LCD capability where it has a lot of built in functionalities included lock/unlock, check door status.

CA2 Two Ways Remote Control
Five Meters Accurate Positioning

Accurate Positioning


within 5 meters


We are able to detect the position of the vehicle within 5 meters range accuracy to get the precise location for accurate vehicle position monitoring.


Remote Start


Start Engine remotely


Start Engine Using Remote Control or Smart phone

Start Engine Remotely
Instant Notification

World Wide


Instant Notification


Whether you are in Malaysia or out of country, you receive notification from all around the world.




Panic Button


When panic button is triggered, our 24 hours Central Monitoring System (CMS) will take further action accordingly to assist the owner for the any possible problems that may occur to the vehicle.

Panic Button