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Mobile Monitoring


Live, Recording and Playback


You can monitor your CCTV surrounding, on your mobile phone to have live monitoring, recording and playback.

CCTV Mobile Monitoring
720 HD Display

Quality Display


using 720 HD display to view image


High definition helps reducing the possibility of blur or unclear images, in the case where we need to identify perhaps, the intruder’s face etc.


Smart Video




Smart detection for motion, camera blank and also video loss

Smart Video Detection
DVR Pentaplex Function

DVR Pentaplex Function


Live, Recording, Playback and Backup


Pentaplex function enables you to do recording, playback and backup at the same time for its ability of multitasking. On top of that, it can connect to internet as well.




Backup Functionality


Backup your videos out to external storage using USB port such as thumbdrive, external hard disk etc.

USB Backup Functionality
Internet Capabilities

Internet Capabilities




User can view your home/office on your Smartphone, computer, laptop etc.