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A16 GSM is our top recommended alarm system.


A16 GSM is a 16 Zone GSM version Alarm System that covers sixteen (16) zones to form a larger coverage perimeter which is especially suitable for bigger property.

GSM version of A16 has a clear advantage – it still works even after the phone line being cut

A16GSM Alarm Panel
Perimeter Protection



Protection Alarm System


Forming a perimeter protection by adding Photobeam / PIR motion sensor as an extra security layer where alarm would have been triggered before intruder breaks your door/window.






Our 16 Zone GSM Alarm System generates report to owners whenever someone arm or disarm the system.

SMS Reporting
Smart Home Automation

Smart Home


Our smart home system automates the operation of your electrical appliances:

  • Using Smartphone or alarm keypad to control your light, air conditioner etc.
  • Auto turn on your lights and appliances by motion detection.
  • Follow timer, motion trigger, alarm trigger, entrance and exit, delay time

Dual Partition


Alarm System


Having partition for your property is extremely useful especially when you need to have different control over two areas.

Let’s say, there is an important area in your house where you want to protect your sensitive assets. We can make that important area as a partition on its own where you could control this partition without affecting the other partition.

Dual Partition
Automatically Arm and Disarm Alarm



Arm and Disarm Alarm


Our system can automatically arm/disarm itself, based on schedule set in system.


Lightning Strike




We are the only company cover your loss for lightning strike. Most others don’t.

Lightning Strike Warranty