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Autogate FAQ


Will my gate function if the AC power goes out?

If you lose AC power, the gate will continue to operate on battery power only. The size of the batteries, the current amperage draw of accessories, and the number of cycles will determine how long your batteries will last before the gate stops working.


Will the gate run on solar power?

Yes. However, solar power limits the number of cycles per day. Most commercial applications will require AC power. Sites with limited daily use can be solar.
You need to be aware of the area around the gate and consider the amount of trees, the geographic location, and the number of average hours of sunlight. We have a chart that will help determine your specific needs..


How do I manually open the gate?

There is a manual release lever located under the motor that releases the belt tension and will allow you to open the gate manually. Normally one person can accomplish this. In the case of a spring failure, it may require two people.


I’m interested in an autogate system. What do I need to do to set up an appointment?

You can click here to send an email requesting a visit from one of our security professionals, or call 013-3300 300 and book an appointment.


What type of routine maintenance can I expect?

There are several grease points on all the major moving parts. The grease points should be serviced at least yearly. Depending on the number of cycles your gate is operating, the grease points may need to be serviced more often.


How quickly will my gate open?

Our system opens in approximately 10-12 seconds, which is about twice as fast as most traditional slide gates.