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Alarm System FAQ


I have a security system already. Can Pacific Alarm Systems monitor my existing equipment?

Yes, GASS Security Alarm Systems can monitor most brands of alarm systems. GASS Security Alarm Systems can evaluate your existing system prior to activation. This will allow us to better serve you, as we will be able to evaluate the age, condition, and compatibility of your existing equipment. This will also allow you to discuss other options for upgrading and customizing your alarm system. NOTE: Some alarm companies install proprietary equipment that ONLY THEY can program forcing customers to stay with them.


What does it cost for monitoring?

Monitoring rates can vary depending on the amount of hardware, but a rule of thumb is that monitoring will typically cost less than few ringgit per day.


Do I own the equipment??

Unlike many of our major competitors, with GASS Security Alarm Systems you own your hardware.


I’m interested in an alarm system. What do I need to do to set up an appointment?

You can click here to send an email requesting a visit from one of our security professionals, or call 013-3300 300 and book an appointment.